Why is the interim management profession booming?

Published on 11/2/2021

Interim management is a practice that appeared in Northern Europe, which has now been widely developed in France, corresponding to the current economic situation and trends. Companies no longer have the time or the same organization as before. A recruitment process is time-consuming, yet the need for qualified resources is still present, even more so than before. The acceleration of the speed of execution of projects in companies, combined with digitalization, have made the need for skills relatively varied. Faced with these problems, the interim manager appears to be an ideal solution for companies.

Interim management: the factors of its expansion

According to a December 2020 study by XERFI France, the interim management market was worth €440 million in 2019 and has been growing ever since.

This can be explained by various factors: the evolution of mentalities towards these professions, the digitalization of companies, increasingly volatile markets and greater customer demands on prices, complex transformation projects, carve-outs or integrations, crisis management, accelerated growth, ... etc.

The global digitization of companies is one of the most important factors: projects are becoming more and more complex, the subjects are recent and therefore the expertise is becoming rarer. All sectors are affected by digitalization and in particular distribution, insurance, banking, and services. This represents a significant challenge for a company, its sustainability depends on its ability to evolve with the times. Its strategic performance depends on its reactivity. The historical value of a company is no longer enough to support its reputation, it is therefore essential for established players to anticipate the emergence of new competitors by adopting changes. And it is in this perspective of transformation that the Interim Manager intervenes: he identifies the opportunities, counters the threats and anticipates the risks. Interim Management is a flexible solution and an ideal lever for companies wishing to understand and respond to the urgency of these situations.

The regular growth of the sector proves that Interim Management has taken root in France and that mentalities are changing. The offer is becoming more and more structured and is therefore more and more perceived by the client as a guarantee of quality and assurance.

The interim manager: a qualified and operational expert

The interim manager is agile, adaptable and qualified (about 20 years of experience). Not being in a statutory logic, but in a contribution logic, he is turned towards the realization of his mission, which makes him particularly effective and operational.

Moreover, using an interim manager for a company is simple and accessible, you just have to go through an interim management company that will not only guarantee an accelerated process but also ensure the success of the mission through its support system: mission trajectory and follow-up. We invite you to be demanding with your partners so that they explain and guarantee their methodology. (Our methodology)

This market boom has also led to an opening up to all sectors and business lines: financial management, human resources, industry, supply chain, IT, banking, insurance, legal and tax, engineering, real estate, marketing and sales, as well as all managerial functions. (Discover our interventions)

The profession of interim manager attracts more and more people and is perceived as a seasoned external resource. A key player who will help change. As a mediator and facilitator, he creates a link between the functions and all the stakeholders of the projects he is entrusted with. He/she understands the operational issues and is able to participate in them.


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