The listing process


Here is how we work together from the initial contact to the end of the mission.


  • 100% of applications are processed within 48 hours maximum
  • Each selected candidate is met during a one-hour exploratory interview
  • The objective of the interview is to present your background, your experience, your achievements and the type of mission you wish to carry out
  • During the interview, we present the missions we have already carried out, as well as the way they were carried out
  • Every week, the LOUIS DUPONT teams meet to discuss and share information about the candidates we have received, in order to get to know you better
  • At the end of your interview, depending on the quality of the discussion, your experience and your interpersonal skills, we will include you in our network of managers with whom we can work
  • At the same time, we validate your professional references


  • 100% of the candidates approached for the mission are received for a new selection interview to determine the adequacy of their expertise with the need
  • Detailed exchange on the mission under a confidentiality agreement - NDA
  • We build with the manager the Mission Trajectory - TDM
  • We carry out a weekly follow-up with the manager
  • Mission conclusion: debriefing, feedback and handover with the client



Updating the executive interim manager's skills file


Louis Dupont organizes a Post Mission interview with the client and the manager


Proposals for new transitional missions


If you have a question that is not listed here, please feel free to contact us.

Contact us

We invite you to apply on the "Managers" section of the website.After reviewing your CV, we will meet with you for a one-hour exploratory interview.In addition to your business experience, this interview will allow us to assess your ability to work quickly in complex environments.Each week, during the Manager Committee meeting, we present the applications and collectively validate your inclusion in our selection.We will confirm this step in writing.From then on, we can contact you to present you with an assignment.

We present a package of 3 applications within 72 hours. It is essential that our clients have a choice.

This varies according to the degree of urgency of our clients. But on average, between 5 and 15 days, the time it takes for the client to meet the candidates, confirm their decision and contract with us.

The average duration of an assignment is 7.4 months. For more information, we invite you to visit the France Transition website ( and to read the XERFI study on interim management.

Yes, it is possible, even if this is not the initial objective for our clients. In 20% of cases, however, the company wishes to continue and offers the manager a permanent position, and in 50% of cases, the managers prefer to decline.



Connecting good people