Interim manager and freelance administration

Published on 12/18/2021

In order to carry out his job, an interim manager can choose between working with a freelance administration company or as a freelancer. The first option is increasingly popular, as it offers many advantages to transition managers who are employees of a freelance company. What is the link between these two concepts? Why do managers have an interest in opting for freelance administration rather than for self-employed status or a classic employment contract?

The trend of freelance administration

Freelance administration is a tripartite relationship that allows an interim manager to carry out his activities as a freelancer while benefiting from the protection offered by the status of employee (unemployment insurance, health insurance and social security...). The interim manager as a salaried employee keeps full control over the assignments he/she carries out as well as the negotiation of his/her fees. This status is currently very popular in the French and European labor market.

Indeed, according to the data of the union of the Professionals of the Employment in Portage salarial (PEPS), there are currently nearly 100 000 ported employees in France. In 2019, the turnover generated by this market was estimated at 1.3 billion euros with an average annual growth of 20%. By 2025, the number of workers under this status will have risen to 600,000 according to forecasts by the Federation of Employee Portage Companies. The turnover generated should reach 15 billion euros.

In the interim management sector, freelance administration is also very popular. The number of transition managers who have used this status has risen from 32% to 41.3%.

The advantages of freelance administration for interim management

Interim management is a solution used by a company when it is faced with a transformation project, a crisis, strong growth or an acquisition project. The interim manager is an immediately operational professional who brings his expertise and professional experience to the company in order to quickly achieve the desired results. He/she sets up an action plan and actively supports his/her collaborators in its execution. Most often affiliated with an interim management company, he carries out his interim assignments without bias and with a fresh look at the situation prevailing within each company. As you can see on the page, the requirements to become an interim manager are high, whatever the sector of activity.

To carry out his management missions, the interim manager can choose the status of a salaried employee. This status has many advantages. First of all, freelance administration allows the interim manager to benefit from an optimal protection in the exercise of his activities and in case of inactivity. He is treated as a classic employee, which gives him the right to unemployment benefits, to a provident cover and to other social protection measures. The interim manager also benefits from the support of his or her umbrella company for the development of his or her activity. The latter can help him/her to build a professional network, to integrate a professional training program for the launch of his/her activity or to reinforce his/her skills.

The freelance administration also relieves the interim manager of the management of administrative, financial and regulatory formalities related to his management missions. The company takes care of all these aspects and allows interim managers to focus entirely on what they do best: crisis management, digital transformation, development of a new activity... They can thus concentrate on the management mission of the company for which they have been mandated.

How to become a freelance interim manager?

In order to work as a freelance manager, the interim manager must first find a first assignment. After that, they can contact a freelance administration company to sign an employment contract. Within Louis Dupont, we have referenced partners with whom we trust to work (Addexpert, Skalis, OpenWork, Ad'missions). They are in phase with our values, our ethical charter and our operating mode. They are partners who are capable of advising the interim manager, especially if he or she is a "first-timer".

Once the contract is signed, the interim manager can start his or her activity, focusing on the mission without worrying about administrative procedures.

All his next missions can be managed by the freelance administration company if he wishes. On the other hand, even if the interim manager is almost entirely independent, he is obliged to inform his "employer" of the evolution of his assignments. The freelance administration and the interim manager are therefore closely linked. Many companies call on an interim manager to implement an action plan in the event of a particular situation. Thanks to freelance administration, the manager is relieved of many tasks in order to devote himself to his mission of managing the company for which he has been mandated.

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